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Unread 22-07-2009, 11:46   #1
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Default Who's stupid idea was it?!

Rosslare Station (21.07.2009)

So I arrived back yesterday morning into Rosslare Harbour on the night sailing from Fishguard. Rain was really heavy, and I wanted to get the 0705 from Rosslare to Waterford.

I knew that the station had been moved (who's stupid idea was that?!)

I knew where it was, as I saw it from the car last week, but I presumed there was some sort of dedicated (direct) path from there to the terminal.

So, at the terminal yesterday morning, I saw the sign (Train station -> 10mins walk). Was like, ok, I had my rain gear on, so I headed off. Unfortunately, there is no direct route to the train station. You have to basically walk around where the cars enter Rosslare Harbour from the N25. When I finally arrived at the station the 2 car 2700 class railcar was at the furthest part of the platform away from the entrance. So yet more walking & being soaked in the rain!

A few general observations/queries: (I know we have a recession/downturn/need to save money, etc...)
  • On the IrishRail website journey planner it states a single journey from Rosslare to Cork costs 50Euro. Yesterday I asked for the same, and got it for 21.50! I did not ask about a return price, but on the web a return is 58Euro.
  • I knew there was a bus substitution service between Waterford and Limerick Junction yesterday. But on the IrishRail website the only mention of it is when you put in Rosslare - Limerick Junction/Cork into the journey planner. On the 2700 railcar yesterday it did have a notice for last weeks bus substitutions.
  • Why did IE think it was a great idea to move the station? I think I heard somewhere about the problem being the closure of the level crossings? Or was it the problem that the level crossings were actually interfering with ferry traffic? But the level crossings would be closed for about 2 minutes, 8/9 times a day? does not seem like a huge problem? Yesterday, a group of 12 Welsh tourists decided on using Bus Eireann to Waterford rather than brave the heavy rain and walk to the station! Would really REALLY help if there was better signs to the station!
  • Is there a technical/signalling reason why a 2700 railcar cannot reverse into a station directly opposite the entrance to the station platform?
  • About 8 people boarded at Rosslare Europort
  • About 20 people got out at Waterford
  • Any chance we will see a direct train from Rosslare to Limerick Junction again? A 45 minute layover in Waterford is ridiculous! The 09:35 Waterford - Limerick Jctn leaves before the Dublin trains arrives into Waterford.
  • A good advertising ploy by Irish Rail might be to highlight that they are cheaper on the Rosslare - Waterford route than BE! And faster!
  • I thought (from a passenger's view) that the trip was fast enough yesterday from Rosslare - Waterford. It still is laid with jointed track, but I would say we got up to 50mph at a few stages. 5mph on the Barrow Viaduct.
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Unread 24-07-2009, 19:11   #2
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Welcome to the Twilight Zone! CIE/IE moved the station as a prelude to closing it completely. They have been trying to close the line to Limerick Junction for decades so why would they start publicising that the train is cheaper? Some years ago they wanted to close the DSE section south of Arklow and I suspect they now want to close it south of Wexford - if the rumours of some trains only going as far as there are correct. I'm sure CIE/IE can provide all sorts of rational explanations as to why this should be but the cynic in me sees it as withdrawal by stealth from Rosslare.

Incidentally, is the cafeteria still open in the ferry terminal?
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Unread 25-07-2009, 20:48   #3
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Default Rosslare Europort - potential needs to be realised

I fully share your annoyance finnyus at the undemocratic relocation of Rosslare Europort station to the foot of Delap's Hill. User-unfriendly indeed.

Rosslare Europort was opened (1989, I believe) as an integrated terminal - everything connected under cover for convenience and this makes good business sense.

When we last took the ferry from Rosslare this Spring thankfully we had a calm, mild enough evening so the walk wasn't too bad but your example clearly shows how in fact Irish Rail lost business.

Earlier this Summer on an early-morning visit I encountered an elderly couple who had reached the station and didn't know where to buy tickets. I told them there was a ticket desk at the terminal and also informed them that maybe they would be able to get a ticket onboard. I sincerely hope they were ok afterwards, it's not obvious or clear to tourists arriving off the ferries that they can purchase tickets at the CIE desk, in my opinion.

I too heard the reason of space and level crossings but don't feel that whole argument stands up. We are now at a time when jobs in Irish Rail may well be at risk and everything humanly possible needs to be done promptly to grow traffic considerably.

The tracks to the former station at the terminal seemed to be largely in place on my visit. Indeed the alignment should be kept for future freight traffic - rail-based freight traffic.

In the fullness of time perhaps the station can be returned to its rightful place - as an integral part of the terminal building.

PLUMB LOCO, I think the cafe must be permanently closed. Indeed the Europort needs more facilities - no ATM, no tourist office, weak promotion of bus/rail services...The unrealised potential is glaring. I'm sure it was taxpayer's money that was used to relocate the station and it could have been better spent.

A local said something to me about Irish Ferries operating a shuttle bus to the station but I don't think this is the case and indeed recall seeing a barrier at the small station car park entrance which would probably preclude most bus types.

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