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Unread 14-02-2013, 11:27   #1
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Default Limerick to Waterford needs to be run by someone else

the only reason this route has no numbers isdue to lack of advertising. simple as that. ive said it a billion times only for it to be falling on deaf ears

Bus eireann's route 55
Limerick (Bus Station) dep.
Limerick Jctn (Bit & Bridle Pub)
Tipperary (Limerick Road)
Tipperary (Abbey St)
Bansha (Butler’s)
Cahir (Castle St)
Clonmel (Rail Station)
Carrick on Suir (Greenside)
Piltown (O’Keeffe’s)
Mooncoin (Kelly’s)
Waterford (Bus Station)

Irish Rails Limerick-Limerick junction, Limerick Junction-Waterford
Limerick Junction

Bus eireanns service
0830 0930 1130 1230 1230 1430 1600 1730 2030 (mon-sat)
0825 1130 1430 1600 1840 2040 (sun)

0750 0850 1050 1250 1450 1650 1750 2050 (mon-sat)
0850 1050 1450 1650 1830 2030 (sun)

single : 15.68
day return : 27.55
return : 28.50

single : 13.78
return : 26.60

max number of passengers on each service : 49 (although at peak times a second bus is often used)

irish rails service
0855 1745 (mon-sat)

0720 1625 (mon-sat)

single : 24.50
day return : 25
return : 33

single : 14.50
return : 20

max number of passengers on each service : 185 (although as a frequent user i can tell you that often any particular service is lucky to have 10-20 people)

now bus eireann are hardly way more competitive than irish rail price wise and since the bus station and train station is at the same place in imerick and not too far from each other in waterford i dont see why the train service is so unsuccesful.

the bus can cater up to 1,421 people a day(plus have a sunday service) without even counting extra busses at busy times. not saying that non peak times are full but they are reasonably.

the train can cater for 740 a day but id be interested to see how many actually use it in a day

it is obvious that someone isnt doing their job

the train stops at every station apart from the limerick-junction section
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Unread 14-02-2013, 11:37   #2
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Join Date: Jan 2012
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i was getting the train from waterford to limerick friday last (8th feb)

i got the 0720 train from plunkett station

at 0900 our train upon approach to limerick junction came to a halt. i wondered why. i looked out the window only to see in the distance a train departing the station for limerick. now while i found onlime that the times from junc. to limerick are at 0838 and 0940 there was on front of me as plan as day a train (even if it was empty) on its way to limerick

i was at the junction until 0950 before we eventually left from limerick

it is this incompetence that i am referring to. how can you wonder why the service is a failed one when it is run by the lazy dublin appeasing few.

the train journeys from limerick to waterford on the train can differ from 2 hours 15 up to 2 hours 55



not caring of anyone who isnt travelling to/from dublin
these are the labels that clearly describe irish rail
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Unread 14-02-2013, 11:46   #3
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 43

46 million was spent in dublin on transport on the dublin bike scheme

there is about a million people in dublin

now im not questioning the funding of this it was a great idea

what i am doing is showing the misspending in this country and the idiotic mindset

the figure equates to about 46 euro per capita

waterford has about 100 thousand people in the caption area the same can be said for limerick, galway, and im sure there are a little larger numbers for cork, midlands etc

what i am saying is that if you where to spend the same money(per capita) and spread it out more then you will upgrade the whole country and not just make an already top class tranport system in dublin better.

if dublin really is in need of upgrading their transport system then the rest of the country is in the third world in terms of its state

why do we need to constantly state that "irish rail have done huge works in ireland. now we have the luas and the eventual dublin south link etc"

as for the leap card..................... pffft

i love when irish rail talk about prices gong up but if yopu keep using your leap card youll get savings

f### all good the leap card is if your one f the other 6 million people in the country that dont live or work in dublin
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Unread 14-02-2013, 18:39   #4
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Originally Posted by IckyThump View Post
46 million was spent in dublin on transport on the dublin bike scheme
I'm not sure where you got €46m from. The grant approved a few days ago was €2.6m. The rest was paid by JCD.
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Unread 14-02-2013, 19:48   #5
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Problem at Limerick J is the platform layout and until new platforms are added there are very limited options. Normally its the Waterford train in first and then Limerick however the Limerick one has to depart before Waterford one arrives as that has make connections with Dublin and Cork or would of had to wait a lot longer until the return service to Waterford departs.
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Unread 15-02-2013, 02:20   #6
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Fares on this line were a lot cheaper back in 2011 before Iarnród Éireann brought out these fare matrixs. Despite this line having a lot more passengers than other trains services on the Ballybrophy-Limerick, WRC lines they cut two services last month.
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Unread 15-02-2013, 08:25   #7
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@ Markpb that example i gave is based on a total figure spent on transport in dublin the year the bike scheme was introduced. it doesnt even matter. the example is to show the short sightedness. the fact that by upgrading an already above average(compared to the rest of the country) transport system in dublin instead of bringing the rest of the country up to average is ridiculous and is typical of Irish rail.

the platforms are a big problem at the junction but its one easy solution. the waterford inbound train leaves waterford at 0720. the junc.-limerick train leaves 20 mins before the waterford train gets in and again 40 mins afterit gets in. so either put the waterford-junc. train back to 0650 or 0730. if it was at 0650 people would be in limerick for 0900 meaning it could be used for commuting.

fares where a LOT cheaper yes and i used the day saver quiet a bit pre-fare change. but its a typical thing from them again. in the same page that they announced their ticket hike they reassured us also with "The new Leap Card (a smartcard card which will operate across all public transport providers) will give commuters and travellers an option to pay lower fares. The Leap card is now available." like again whats that going to do for someone using the WRCor the Limerick to Waterford line or even people going from limerick to cork.

but the train is still competitive with the bus on price for the line in question. im sure if we looked at the WRC(another that is allegedly failing) that we would find the same incompetence.

so many excuses such as the drivers wont work on sundays or the line cant handle the speeds(the waterford to limerick train can be done in 2.15 which is 10 mins quicker than the bus. and that includes a change at the junc.

im sick of the lies being spun by Irish Rail.
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Unread 15-02-2013, 08:32   #8
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i went onto the website to "air my views" i went to make a complaint about everything you read in the first couple of posts.

i went to > Contact us > send us your query: > Customer service section

as they didnt seem to have a complaints department per say

only to be met with the following page

it gave me 3 options to "select service"

InterCity Southern and Western services
InterCity Northern and Eastern services

InterCity Southern and Western services includes Dublin / Cork route, Dublin / Galway route, Dublin / Limerick route, Dublin / Tralee route, Dublin / Westport / Ballina route, Dublin Commuter (ex DART) Dublin - Kildare / Portlaoise Commuter Services & Cork Commuter Services.

InterCity Northern and Eastern services include Dublin / Belfast route, Dublin / Rosslare route, Dublin / Sligo route, Dublin / Waterford route & Dublin Commuter (ex DART) Dublin - Drogheda /Maynooth Commuter Services.

do they want me to be pissed with them???

unless your travelling to or from dublin you dont exist. sure they help out the cork commuters aswell but what about the other lines?? what about these "failing lines" surely they would need feedback on making them better and more popular???

its just typical of the idiotic incompetent mentality that exists within Irish Rail
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Unread 15-02-2013, 10:14   #9
Thomas J Stamp
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is that you squid?
We are the passengers
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Unread 15-02-2013, 10:51   #10
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no squid here afraid just an annoyed customer. havent posted here in awhile but im holding on to some bit of hope that if people complain and let their opinions known then maybe things will change for the better. if they gave me the job for one day i think id sort the whole crap. its a joke of a set up and it seems like its planned by someone who has never even used the services. probably someone who has never left dublin to go into the wilderness that i the rest of the country
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Unread 12-03-2013, 11:00   #11
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Almost a month to the day now I made these complaints for there to be nothing more than an automayed responsr thanking me for my comments. When are these shower of kids going to grow up and show a bit of proffessionalism towards 20% of yhe customers on this train
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Unread 12-03-2013, 18:51   #12
James Howard
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I feel your pain. I honestly think that most Irish Rail staff see providing any kind of customer service as a kind of minimum obligation that must be met in order to stop their manager (or TD) complaining. The whole divisional complaints procedure is absolutely mind-boggling. I think it must be a hold-over from the old train companies.

I sent them a suggestion a while ago as a response to a tweet I got about a Mystery tour that sounded nice but was impossible to go on as the first train on the Sligo line on a Sunday doesn't get to Dublin until midday. Anyway, the twitter people answered (they at least seem responsive) with a note saying that my suggestion would be passed on but I never heard anything back on the web form.

I had a similar thing a few years back when they were looking for people to go on a Customer Forum thingy. I thought I might qualify given that I do about 40,000 miles a year on the train but I must have sounded too bolshie as I never heard back from either that or the three followup mails and phone messages I left.

I think that if the train doesn't work for you, your best bet is to find an alternative. Irish Rail don't seem interested in improving anything. In the 8 years I have been commuting my last available bus has gone from 18:30 to 23:00. Meanwhile, the last available train has gone from 18:15 to 19:05 despite ten of millions having been poured into renewing line, signals, rolling stock and level crossings. The last available train to Dublin is now 90 minutes earlier than it was last year.
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