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Unread 05-06-2018, 20:59   #21
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Not a major difference between IE and the UK operators, all tried to implement a schedule that was never workable. Management in complete denial or expected to get away with it.

The only difference is the UK forced an amended timetable to be put in place within days but what will happen here is delays will continue for 6-12 months before they adjust the schedule to clean up the mess. Anyone remember Galway/Westport schedule a few years ago, 6 months before they acted....
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Unread 07-06-2018, 11:25   #22
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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
Thatís a lot of doom and gloom predicted there.

Given that DART running times are to increase (per the last draft) to reflect reality that should mean greater reliability not poorer.

Letís wait and see before being unduly negative.
I would love to be more positive but it is clear and obvious that the existing infrastructure is challenged to efficiently and reliably support the present level of service. We know that the 50% increase in DART frequency will heavily impact non DART services (the previous timetable draft tells us that). In all probability it will also impact on DART as well with smaller trains at the peak period (maths tells us that), hugely increased contention at Malahide and reduced timetable stability throughout the Connolly routes. The current off peak 15 minute interval DART service (with 8 car trains as necessary) is generally more adequate even on the sunniest of summer days at the height of the holiday season (Bray airshow and similar events excluded).
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Unread 07-06-2018, 11:54   #23
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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
Just to add that the reasons for the collapse of the service with Northern Rail are:

1) Delays in delivering infrastructure improvements by Network Rail resulting in insufficient drivers completing route learning and rolling stock being cascaded elsewhere in line with contracted dates before the electrification is in place.

2) The existing rest day working with crews not being renewed.

3) A complete redraft of the new timetable being required with only 3 month notice - pretty much impossible

Both of the first two mean insufficient drivers to drive the trains and hence we have chaos.

None of these should apply to IE with regard to their new timetable.
I believe item 2) (or a very similar variant) may come crashing onto the stage shortly resulting in service cancellations.

Another major issue with IR's proposed timetable is not that the necessary infrastructure hasn't been completed but that a) it doesn't exist and b) that apart from the Grand Canal Dock improvements, much operational flexibility that once existed or could easily have been provided is missing e.g Dun Laoghaire loop and south crossover, Merrion crossovers, Howth Junction (north trailing crossover), Clongriffin (missing up loop), Skerries (north crossover) and Mosney (loop and crossovers).

Another significant recent change is the introduction of a penal 10 mph speed restriction at the south end of the loop line platforms at Connolly which adds greatly to congestion by increasing running time. (this was imposed shortly after the connections at that end of the station were removed).

I am not privy to new DART links but I imagine there will be even more crew changes at the Fairview staff platform, a ridiculous arrangement which unnecessarily reduces the limited track capacity available.

Ten minute interval DART might make off-peak DART marginally more attractive but risks diminishing the relevance, revenue and market share of the Connolly routes as a whole.
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