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This morning I walked into the station from the North side, and the "Have you paid and displayed?" signs are all up on the fences around the station. Took a quick look on the other side of the station, and there are 2 signs indicating "pay and display" at the furthest ends of the station (in the direction of Youghal). The ticket machines are no longer covered either.

Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
The local authorities in Cork are not terribly happy.
Not happy with the pay for parking?

I understand the need for "pay and display" parking in a very busy area, like if the station was actually in the centre of town, but Midleton has free parking everywhere, including a multi-level car park, free on-street parking, and other numerous free parking sites.

Why can the guy that is on the CCTV cameras at the station ("Voice of God" as he is known locally) also look at the carparks? Or is this the case already? Do the CCTV cameras are the only security feature?

What maintenance? What non-rail users abuse? (bar the odd GAA match) What security?
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