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Like Luas crossings traffic cam's are needed at all urban crossing and those who take a chance are also fined. We only see a handful of major issues but it happens all the time.

In Cork a few weeks ago and there was an big rush to the one near Kent and two cars felt it was impotent to break the lights a 100m or so from the crossing. Granted IE don't operate the lights for if they had the chance to get though a few seconds sooner they would of tried. They didn't get past the crossing after all the work!

Easily somebody could of been killed as one car jumped them just after they went red while the next did came up and they were clearly red for 20-30 seconds at that stage. If you were crossing or visually imparted you had no chance. Far from urban speeds been done.

Cut the court case rubbish and let guards issue the fine once they view the footage form the cams.

IE should be pushing it at crossings were repeated near misses happen.
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