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Originally Posted by Dermot View Post
I have lived in Shankill for 25 years & I have to say the condition & design of the dart station always amazes me.

It properly the most user unfriendly station in Dublin. I think it is ugly & attracts litter. Surely with the new park & ride facility proposed (which will happen this year) can a new station on ground level be not built. Surely we can get rid of al these steps & put in lifts (if needed) that work.

I am not suggesting massive capital investment a I know there is no moeny there now. But honestly if you compare shankill station to all others southside including Bray it appears that very little investment or thinking went into developing it.
I'm guessing that Shankill is probably one of the newest Dart stations, perhaps only having opened around the time of the Dart's introduction. It certainly has a very cheap "concretey" 1970s feel to it, and it wouldn't have existed at the time that many of the other stations were built 100 or so years before because that part of the line between Killiney and Bray has clearly been re-routed at some point due to sea erosion.

What exactly is the Park and Ride proposal?
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