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i can see any strike in IE/BAC being injuncted as there are actually no industrial relations issues existing at the moment. its not good enough to say there may be something in the future because of what is going on in BE.

Although off topic as a whole, the basis for the BE strike/problems are absolutely political. Although the unions are saying that this is all about the refusal of the government to pay for public transport the reality is that it is only on certain parts of the expressway network that BE wants to hack at, not the PSO elements, and put the money into the PSO.

In rail terms it would be like IE getting out of DART and putting the savings into Waterford/Limerick. Most of the expressway routes are getting heavy competition from other operators, although the types of coverage from them is selective. Only BE and Kavanaghs serve Roscrea, Nenagh, Mouthrath on the Limerick Route for example. Not all private operators services do Portlaoise either. Im not sure about the Cork route but I imagine that not all of them stop in Cashel etc.

You have to wonder why BE use full sized coaches for many of their routes as well. The old service form Cork to Athlone was ended some years ago, it was a full sized coach and was always mostly empty. Locally we now have a kavanaghs mini coach which serves Thurles/Templemore/Roscrea. That was a profitable part of the route because it was part of the timetable which hit the rush hours, the rest didnt. Maybe this is the way. The BE north south service I see in Nenagh is never anything near full either and is another massive coach.
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