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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
The NTA pays for both and indeed contracts for the services provided.
The NTA doesn't pay for Bus Eireann Expressway services - these are operated on a commercial basis and self-funded.

Originally Posted by dowlingm View Post
Yeah but in those countries Inniskeen the publicly owned bus and rail enterprises aren't usually engaged in a way to the death...
Really dowlingm - if Bus Eireann withdrew all of their expressway services that ran along railway routes, you can be damn sure that another private operator would fill their shoes, so I really think that is a pointless argument. There is a market for both services, which can be seen by observing the loadings on both (which you clearly cannot do as you're not in the country).

None of the services that will potentially operate from Kent Station will be in competition with the rail service - they will complement it.

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