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I'd believe that if it were true but from my experience it's not. On a number of occasions when I've been on the 11:00 Dublin-Tralee, people have actually been left standing from Mallow to Killarney and that train is always 10, except Fridays.

The soon to be axed 20:00 Dublin-Tralee on the other hand is a very quiet service, yet it's always 20. The 19:15 Tralee-Dublin is similarly quiet and I've seen no recent increase in numbers that would justify a sudden doubling of the fare. And, as I've already said, that train connects with the 20:30 Cork-Dublin at Mallow and that remains 10 from Cork (as does the connecting train from Limerick) so this can only be interpreted as blatant discrimination against those using this particular service from Kerry.
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