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Guards are gone, there is no requirement to carry them anymore and they did very little but hide down the back

We have consistently stated a need for a member of staff onboard on intercity services to deal with passengers. Our policy document clearly states a need for a staff presence during a passengers journey and puts forward European best practice, which curiously is based on the manager who brought the train host concept to IE recent work in London.

Irish Rail have been dragged in by the RSC to explain the removal of all staff from trains. The problem lies with Irish Rail as they cant grasp the need for staff onboard and the unions who will block any attempt to merge the train host and ticket checker roles, and god forbid someone might train the train host how to perform safety proceedures there would be a strike, I'd end up doing the rule book actions on a Mk4 if the worst happens if I was onboard.

62% of IE's costs are staff, roughly twice other railways. There is a need for massive change

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