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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
I have conflicting reports, though on average Joe is in the better bunch, he is visible, customer aware and he doesn't take crap. It his train, he is in charge

For reference a train host ended up in hospital recently he intervened after a full on brawl broke out on board, he even lost his shirt in the process. Several other hosts have had to call in the gardai to remove extermely troublesome passengers.

It shows we need a member of staff onboard, the driver can't stop to sort these things out
In charge does not give a licence to be rude to those who supply him with a job. A copy of the customer serivce charter could be delievered to said gentleman, it all seems to go one way with his rules.....

I disagree with the customer awareness comment personally, i found him to have an interest in those in the 1st class area only ( all 2 of them )

People in lot of jobs have to deal with trouble and its part of the job.
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