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The train host has no operational function on the train, driver handles the doors, ticket checker does tickets. Except when things have gone wrong the train host never makes a pa apart from the welcome pa they should make on departure from Dublin/Cork. The train computer is programed with a number of default messages, including the emergency evacuation message. While traveling to Dublin the driver can do this as well

The sole function of the train host is to tend to the passengers on the train. While camped in first or head out door in Thurles having a smoke they can't do that, Irish Rail management agree that they need to be more visible

I had a argument with a train hostess once when I tried to board in Thurles, myself and the brother tried to board coach C where our reserved seats where, we where told in no uncertain terms go elsewhere. Ended up in coach G the whole way at the back.

Its just way too hit and miss who you get as train host

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