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Default Irish rail projects

Lots of sources is from modern railways.
I have some questions and would be great if people know the answer.
Will the new limerick JN platform be behind the 2nd or third line away from the existing platform.
Also will the new waterford station that got consent on the north quay be on the city side on the river or the existing side. Will this add time to the journey from dublin.
The artical in modern railways (july) is about the new fleet timeline says that the first batch won't be ordered till 2019 and arrive till 2023 before thry are delayed. Could they not just base them off a british design and make the neccesary changes. Will it be more likley these trains will be more like the existing darts or commuters on the interior. Hopefully the seats aren't like the themslink 700 class.
When will the new enterprise fleet be ordered ( if it happens) and would they likley be in 7 car formation.

Lastly are all the mkiv fleet in use at the moment and will irish rail actuall looking to run locomotive hauled 8200 class coaches as it says they will in modern railways.
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