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IE have been given over 100 million to restore the 35 mile Athenry to Ennis railway which will give them a through connection from Galway to Athenry (13 miles)at 80mph - from Athenry to Ennis (35 miles) at 60mph and from Ennis to Limerick (24 miles) at 50mph. Door to door - 72 miles. Is it unrealistic to hope they might cover the 72 miles in less than an hour and a half.

Interesting that the WRC is costing about 3m a mile while the new line to Middleton cost 13m a mile. Is'nt it?

Lets not set the bar too high for Iarnrod Eireann as regards the timetable on the WRC. Lets consider the time it would take in 1950 according to the CIE timetable at the time and see if they can beat that?

We know today trains go Galway to Athenry in 13 minutes
Time for Driver to change ends 5 minutes
In 1950 trains went from Athenry to Craughwell 9 minutes
Stop Time 1 minute
In 1950 Craughwell to Ardrahan 9 minutes
Stop Time 1 minute
In 1950 Ardrahan to Gort 10 minutes
Stop Time 2 minutes
In 1950 Gort to Ennis 26 minutes
Stop Time 2 minutes
In 1950 Ennis to Limerick 38 minutes

Total 1h56m

CIE records show that in 1970 this time was reduced to 1 hour 46 minutes.

Can Iarnrod Eireann with 100 million improve on 1970 jointed track, manual signals, hand operated level crossings and lumbering diesel locomotives?

Can they break the 90 minute barrier - the 100 minute barrier or even the 1950 steam age barrier?

Sadly I am led to believe the trip from Galway to Limerick will take almost two hours. GUBU

If such is the case the campaigners for the re-opening of the railway have every right to scream "Foul" and "Skullduggery".
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