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Originally Posted by comcor View Post
Is there any possibility of a later service to Cobh for the holiday period. Even an 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights in December would be something.

Midleton is at least covered by a regular bus as late as 11pm every day, with night buses for Fridays and Saturdays over the holiday period.

The last public transport of any kind to Cobh is the 10:30pm train.
Services were planned for Dec 20/21 on both routes at 23.30 (Cobh) and 23.45 (Midleton) and 00.01 and 00.15 (returning to Cork) however they never made it to the public timetable. Lack of drivers the likely cause.

Cobh Connect have a 22.45 and 00.15 service on Fri/Sat and Sun (if BH on Mon).

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