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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
Just checking that Kilcoole had a leap card reader installed? Might need to use the station in the next while.
No Leap Card reader at Kilcoole unfortunately. Took the train there myself this evening and the booking office clerk at Bray confirmed I couldn't use Leap Card so spent 90c over the odds purchasing a single ticket. This is despite a LeapCard fare being advertised on the IÉ website...

At a glance well into the teens in passenger numbers alighted, perhaps more.

No shelter either.

The station timetable contains the generic line "Passengers must purchase tickets before joining the train." We don't have thousands of stations in this country - is it that difficult to reprint the poster with appropriate info for the ten/fifteen stations in the state without ticket vending facilities?

But this appears to typify the approach of the NTA who have appear to have little interest in lesser used stations/lines.

There is however now an information panel and map adjacent to the station with an overview of the area's history and ideas for walks. Good that the local community clearly recognise the station as a gateway to the area.

Noticing a signpost indicating the Ballydonarea Loop Walk outside the station I undertook this walk to Kilcoole village and had time for a bite to eat before catching an 84. The walk can be accessed by turning left at the top end of the station car park (end away from the level crossing).
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