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Mark Gleeson 18-01-2007 12:09

[18-1-2007] Bray Greystones
Ok this has to be the most dishonest excuse ever used by IE

The level crossing is on the Shankill side of the station google maps thus if a train can get to Bray it can get to Greystones, the closure of the line to Greystones is nothing more than the usual couldn't be bothered IE


DART Disruption - Bray to Greystones by Corporate Communications

18th January 2007 - UPDATE 12.10hrs

DART services between Bray and Greystones are currently suspended due to storm damage caused by level crossing barriers at Bray becoming entangled in overhead lines.

Dublin Bus will honour rail tickets for customers travelling to Greystones.

There will be delays of up to 10 minutes on some services to/from Bray.

Crews are working to restore services to Greystones. It is anticipated services will be restored by 15.00hrs.

Iarnród Éireann apologises for the inconvenience caused.

Mark Gleeson 18-01-2007 12:17

Strangely the platform display in Pearse is proudly proclaiming next train Greystones

Services are suspended Bray Greystones due to overheard power problems quite different from a damaged level crossing...

dave wilson 18-01-2007 20:33

Bray to Greystones
The reason for the buses is tied in with the barriers and the wires. In bad weather the barriers can be blown by the wind and hit the wires. The wires in Bray station are the same wires providing power through bray towards, but not all the way to, greystones. Hence the reason for the buses.

Mark Gleeson 18-01-2007 20:44

That argument would hold perfectly if services where suspended to Bray

But the power was on in Bray station on at least one platform since DART's where operating to Bray, its a continuous circuit with isolatable sections since its a DC system

If you pull the plug on the substation in Bray, normal services Bray to the north are possible and you can run a 2 car train back and forwards to Greystones, if the substation in Greystones dies but Bray is online same applies

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