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ThomasJ 11-12-2006 18:16

Cancellation of the 18.04 connolly to maynooth monday evening
Due to a technical fault on the train. Passengers were directed to platform four to the 18.00 service to longford. the 18.00 connolly to longford ran as an eight car train calling at all stops

ThomasJ 11-12-2006 18:38

Connolly station activity monday evening
Just to add that the 18.17 service to longford was held up by eight minutes awaiting someone to arrive with a wheelchair ramp and left just before half six. And the 18.37 service to rosslare departed as a four 2900 set from platform 7

John J 11-12-2006 21:53

Fun and games on platform 4...

A few minutes prior to departure all passengers on the 18.00 Connolly-Longford were told to leave the train as it was "out of service".
Shortly afterwards it re-entered service and passengers were allowed to board.
It departed 15 minutes late and made unscheduled stops at Drumcondra, Broombridge, Ashtown, Castleknock, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Leixlip Confey, Leixlip Louisa Bridge, Kilcock & Enfield.
It also missed its path to cross the up Sligo.

Total delay = 35-40 minutes

stanley 12-12-2006 15:35

Maynooth line Monday
6. 13.52 Maynooth / Pearse failed at Maynooth brake trouble. 11.50 Sligo / Connolly served the road from Maynooth to Connolly.
7. 16.40 empty Connolly / Bray departed at 17.02 3 engines and 3 gens down on set. 17.33 Bray / Longford started from Dalkey.
8. 18.04 Connolly / Maynooth failed in the carriage sidings no headlights, switch broken on unit 26. Fixed at 18.25. 18.00 Connolly / Longford made up to an 8 car train with unit 28 which had 2 engines down and did all stops to Longford.
9. 17.55 Maynooth / Rosslare failed at Maynooth no blue light. Coupler fault on 2820. Unit 26 sent to Rosslare from Connolly. Taxi for 4 passengers from Maynooth.

Mark Gleeson 13-12-2006 10:00

26 has been troublesome in the last week, lovely and quiet though if that many engines fall over its either the battery or lack of fuel

Blue light is a light in the cab which is lit only when all the doors are locked, if it doesn't light the train won't move

dave wilson 14-12-2006 21:08

Re: Maynooth line monday
Hello there. My name is dave wilson and i am new here. i work in the city centre and commute from balbriggan. Hello Stanley, its good to read your info posting but did you leave out numbers 1 to 5 or have you a running tally of delays that happened before. Would be excited to find out. I keep records too of drogheda trains on time. You can email me if you like at.
dave_the_ wilson@yahoo.ie. cheers

TomB 14-12-2006 21:25

welcome to the board, dave! :)

dave wilson 14-12-2006 21:44

Thanks for the welcome. It seems a great place to get info. Dave

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