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Dublin13 14-12-2015 09:28

Clontarf this morning
No lights on the stairs going down from the city-bound platform to the exit, also no lights even at the bottom of the stairs, very hard to see the stairs because of that. Really had to be careful with that, one person I saw stumble.

No staff there.

vegas82 14-12-2015 11:01

It was like that on Friday evening too...pitch dark because the light was off and no-one in the station.

I like how they have overcome the issue of people getting soaked too by flood water at the foot of the stairs is a wooden platform but you still had to "jump" a little to get over it. Heaven help an older or less mobile person.

If only they could repaint the carpark lines, fill in the massive holes and stop it from flooding!!

Dublin13 15-12-2015 09:04

Station staffed today and still no lights, meanwhile the flood is back, even with the wooden plank there, just around the edges of the plank leading to the main building is a lot of water.

vegas82 15-12-2015 15:43

I complained to the guy in the ticket office last night - he said it was the first he had heard of it. I told him it had been broken since Friday.

Agreed - still like that this morning so i complained on the station issues section of the website..will ring them tomorrow if there is no update.

The flood is terrible and it seems the base of the platform they created has started to move and float away...could be interesting this evening after the rain today!

James Howard 15-12-2015 16:41

A website complaint will normally take at least a week. At the moment due to the chaos on the Sligo line, I'd expect they are getting a much higher volume of complaints than usual.

Dublin13 15-12-2015 19:09

Like a swimming pool outside that piece of wood, which is now totally soaked through and changed colour and still no lights.

vegas82 16-12-2015 09:40

i asked again this morning because there has been no change and all they guy in the ticket office could say is it has been logged.

Surely there has to be some way this can be escalated. I know they are dealing with flooding and a whole manner of other issues right now but believe me when i say the stairs are in darkness and to say you have to "jump" over the pool of water is not an exaggeration.

Almost tempted to phone the health and safety authority and report them.

I might try and take a photo this evening or in the morning.

Mark Gleeson 16-12-2015 11:33

www.rsc.ie with photo will get some action.

We have been running a battle with Grand Canal Dock for some weeks, Irish Rail do nothing, second the RSC show up on site, stuff magically is fixed

vegas82 16-12-2015 12:25

will do that tonight...thanks!!

Inniskeen 16-12-2015 13:53

I don't think Clontarf Road has been painted or properly cleaned since 1997. There is rust and dirt all over the place . Lack of lighting is a health and safety issue and if it can't be addressed along with the flooding issue then the station should be closed at least during the hours of darkness.

Dublin13 16-12-2015 14:18

Well it got the blue Platform number signs a few weeks ago. Not quite sure what the point was of changing all those signs and nothing else, but still.

They also repainted the handrails on the stairs yellow a few months ago but that is the only change I've seen over the years.

Generally, like most IE stations, it's a bit of a mess anyway, but the flooding and darkness really takes the biscuit, it's like other stations on the network where there is anti-social behaviour and raves taking place every single night without any one to stop it.

vegas82 17-12-2015 08:38

Photos taken and complaint sent to the RSC!

Dublin13 17-12-2015 09:06

Lets see how quick that provokes a reaction :)

vegas82 21-12-2015 15:02

just an update on this.

The light is still broken this morning but just now i received a call from Irish Rail customer services to say that they have chased it with maintenance but essentially its not their fault if they arent around to fix it.

She was wishy washy about whether the station master either knew and did nothing about the problem or whether he didnt even know that there was an issue.

No confirmation as to when it will be fixed.

No response either from the RSC in relation to my email.

vegas82 21-12-2015 15:16

interestingly i just had another phonecall from Irish Rail and they claim the lights have now been fixed (i doubt it was anything to do with my tongue lashing).

He also claimed that the shore has been drained so the flooding at the base of the stairs should also be gone. But admitted thats just a temporary fix and a more material piece of work needs to be completed (no comment on when that would take place).

So good that they called back...but disgraceful that something so dangerous took 10 days to fix and the guy on the phone agreed.

So we'll see this evening!

Mark Gleeson 21-12-2015 15:48

RSC tend only to reply after investigation and the resolution of the issue.

Could be a few days, generally I've found they react same/next day and send someone out

Dublin13 21-12-2015 16:03

I sent the RSC a pretty strong email this morning and told them that they should act before someone got seriously injured since I've already seen a few people stumble in the last few days and it's an accident waiting to happen.

Hopefully it had the desired effect.

vegas82 21-12-2015 16:09

I had said the same to them.

Ridiculous that this is what we pay for....

Now if only i could get them to repaint the lines in the car park!!

Dublin13 23-12-2015 08:52

Seems to be all fixed now?

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