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finnyus 04-08-2010 13:47

Midleton Station Car Park
Hi all,

I am just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this?

Over the past 2 weeks I have noticed that the car park ticket vending machines have been covered over, and as far as I can see a lot of the "Pay and Display" notices have been removed. There is the big "CIE / Clamping in operation" notice beside the main gate, but nothing else is displayed around the car park.

Is IE/CIE planning on removing the "pay and display" parking in Midleton?

F. :confused:

Thomas Ralph 04-08-2010 14:16

My first port of call would be vandalism.

Mark Gleeson 04-08-2010 14:19

It could be a removal (well no one is using the car park) due to the charge. We have discussed this at length with Irish Rail. There is no point having an empty car park. The local authorities in Cork are not terribly happy.

It could be that Irish Rail has been stung for not having planning permission.

Most recent news on Midleton was a crackdown on staff parking for free

Despite the empty car park passenger numbers are not bad, Cork local services are estimated to carry 800k this year, given Cobh was 620k during the boom years that means Midleton is doing well, probably in excess of 200k per annum

comcor 04-08-2010 18:35

A number of Cobh line passengers will have shifted onto the Midleton line too. In Glounethaune or Little Island, you're just going to get on the first train that turns up.

What were the projections for line usage in Midleton?

Mark Gleeson 04-08-2010 19:52

Its all lumped together the original estimates breaks down

600-650k on Cobh
250k Mallow
300k? Midelton

Obviously the extra frequency through Glounthane and Little Island which will drive numbers there.

Cobh+Midleton estimate for 2010 is 800k, so its at least 150k but probably more accounting for a reduction in Cobh line use due recession.

finnyus 05-08-2010 10:51

This morning I walked into the station from the North side, and the "Have you paid and displayed?" signs are all up on the fences around the station. Took a quick look on the other side of the station, and there are 2 signs indicating "pay and display" at the furthest ends of the station (in the direction of Youghal). The ticket machines are no longer covered either.


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 57587)
The local authorities in Cork are not terribly happy.

Not happy with the pay for parking?

I understand the need for "pay and display" parking in a very busy area, like if the station was actually in the centre of town, but Midleton has free parking everywhere, including a multi-level car park, free on-street parking, and other numerous free parking sites.

Why can the guy that is on the CCTV cameras at the station ("Voice of God" as he is known locally) also look at the carparks? Or is this the case already? Do the CCTV cameras are the only security feature?


What maintenance? What non-rail users abuse? (bar the odd GAA match) What security?

Mark Gleeson 05-08-2010 11:07

D'Voice of God is in Mallow I don't think he has access to the car park cctv

Point is if you pay you should get something in return and a physical security presence is a constant request.

Thats the official approved company line, a one size fits all approach doesn't work.

There are problems with car parking in Cork following the charge as users have migrated to on street parking.

corktina 05-08-2010 19:32

from probably 200 to 300? in just a few hours.:confused:

Mark Gleeson 05-08-2010 20:01


Originally Posted by corktina (Post 57635)
from probably 200 to 300? in just a few hours.:confused:

300k was the as stated the original estimate based on Arup's numbers. There assumptions don't map exactly to what we now have

150-200k is the current recession best guess as in extra passengers delivered as a result of Midleton

It depends how you allocate the numbers at Glounthane and Little Island, if you assign half of the passengers at those stations to Midleton you probably get close to 300k but the Cobh numbers go down towards 500k. Sum total estimate for 2010 is 800k and we know Cobh was 600-620k per annum in past years.

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