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Mark Gleeson 10-11-2006 09:27

Tara Street southbound is still out, Shankill both lifts now out as well

Mark Gleeson 11-11-2006 11:51

Tara Street is fixed after two weeks

Shankill and Booterstown are out now

Mark Gleeson 12-11-2006 22:10

Booterstown, Blackrock and Shankill are reported out currently

The fact Booterstown is unstaffed currently doesn't help

Mark Gleeson 14-11-2006 11:34

The never ending list goes on

Blackrock both lifts out today and have been out of order since Sunday

zag 14-11-2006 19:39

Something must be wrong
Either they have all the lifts working at the same time (first time in how many months ?) or else their lift fault reporting software is broken.

I know which one my money is on . . .

As of about 1800 this evening there were no *reported* lifts out of action.


Colm Donoghue 15-11-2006 09:06

What happens if the lifts are broke and there's no disabled egress from a station? Like Clontarf Road if the southbound lift was broke or Tara St both sides?
Or even to a mainline station with no disabled access like the west platform in Arklow with only a stairs to get off the platform.

Mark Gleeson 18-11-2006 14:26

Now have Laytown and Shankill broken, is there no end to this ?

Mark Gleeson 19-11-2006 10:28

Laytown still broken, Shankill was fixed sometime around 4pm yesterday

MOH 27-11-2006 09:52

Tara St northbound, Booterstown southbound are out this morning according to platform display
(How can a lift be northbound? Surely its just upbound and downbound?)

MOH 28-11-2006 11:31

28/11/06 - Booterstown still out

Mark Gleeson 29-11-2006 15:22

Shankill and Booterstown are reported out

MOH 30-11-2006 10:13


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 14299)
Shankill and Booterstown are reported out

Still both out this morning

MOH 01-12-2006 11:34

Grand Canal Dock, Booterstown, and (I think) Shankhill all out this morning

Mark Gleeson 04-12-2006 11:08

Killiney and Laytown became broken over the weekend they have now been joined by Ballbriggan

MOH 05-12-2006 10:19

GCD, Laytown, and Balbriggan today

Mark Gleeson 11-12-2006 09:55

Blackrock and Shankill are out currently and wheelchair access to Howth is unavailable till further notice

MOH 18-12-2006 17:14

Tara St Southbound this morning

MOH 19-12-2006 11:49

Tara St still out

Mark Gleeson 19-12-2006 14:57

Add Killiney southbound to the list

Mark Gleeson 02-01-2007 09:28

For reasons unknown there is no wheelchair access to Sutton until further notice

Note no notice on IE site to this effect

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