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Jferb 20-05-2011 12:36

Travel Disruption Vouchers CAN be used for web fares.
I had a travel voucher from a delayed train last year that was nearing the end of its validity and went into my local booking office to see if there were any current special offers I might be able to make use of; only to be told I could actually use it against web bookings contrary to what I always believed!

All one has to do is bring in proof of a web booking that has not already taken place (i.e. the ticket) and they will refund the cash value of the voucher against it. I had an upcoming booking on the system so that's what I did.

A pity that this fact is not mentioned ANYWHERE by IE.

Mark Gleeson 20-05-2011 13:22

Its still far from an acceptable solution as it requires a staffed booking office and we can be sure that there will be a staff who claim they know nothing

The simplest is a cash refund as the EU requires under EC 1371/2007

It would be fairly trivial for Irish Rail to refund to the credit/debit card used as they can do that if you cancel

Thomas Ralph 21-05-2011 08:16

Per Mark, I expect plenty of staff will claim not to know about it.

Also it may well violate card scheme rules if they are giving cash refunds against a card transaction.

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