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Eddie 26-07-2018 07:05

"Take the Easy Route" Supplement in Sunday Times, 22/7/18
In last Sunday's Sunday Times there was a supplement with Ireland's "Top 30 Train Journeys".

I therefore expected to see the likes of Waterford to Limerick or Limerick to Galway featuring somewhere amongst those 30 recommendations.

In fact it turned out many of these were overlapping routes on the same line eg Dublin to Belfast, Dublin to Drogheda, Dublin to Dundalk, Dublin to Malahide and Dublin to Howth. More a case of 30 places you might like to visit that happen to be on our route network.

One thing I did spot, however, was that there are special 4.99 single fares available on the line to Rosslare available this summer. I will try and avail of this if I can, as it really is one of the most picturesque lines.

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