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RadarControl 09-04-2010 17:23

[09/04/2010] Heuston 18:05 & 18:10 Services
Both of these services have been combined with the 18:00 to Cork.Train still sitting on platform.

Kilkea 09-04-2010 17:53

On the Waterford 18.35 at the moment, nearly 20 out of Heuston and only coming up to Adamstown, we are also making an unscheduled stop at Newbridge

RadarControl 09-04-2010 18:05

60 minute delay due to fault at Sallins.I'm on delayed 6pm service.We are just outside Sallins now.

Kilkea 09-04-2010 18:13

Yep, we are sitting behind your train. The Carlow 17.35 is in front of you, they have been at Sallins for 20 mins at least. Just heard they are moving now.

Anyone want to start a singalong??!

RadarControl 09-04-2010 18:24

Just have to wait for Galway train to move before we do.

Kilkea 09-04-2010 18:27

Should we offer to give them a push?:)

RadarControl 09-04-2010 18:29

Let me walk to Sallins.I'll a taxi the rest of the way.Plenty of people here who would gladly offer to push.We are getting annnouncements about awaiting platform clearance.

RadarControl 09-04-2010 18:34

Realtime system gone down.According to it the 5:10 to Athlone got into Kildare at 7:10. Just noticed no trains have passed heading to Dublin.

StephenM 09-04-2010 18:36

Whats the onboard information like for your trains? I saw on Twitter while sitting in Heuston that there were 35-40 minute delays to services. No word at the Station. Stopped outside Dublin at the moment with an announcement to say there is a delay and they had no information. At 19:20 they said it was due to a train failure. Atleast Twitter (Both Irish Rail & AA Roadwatch) had the actual information and some idea of delay length, compared to being on board.

RadarControl 09-04-2010 18:36

Just started moving again.looks like all ahead now.hope nobody runs out of fuel now.

Kilkea 09-04-2010 18:42

Still no move here on the Waterford train, still sitting somewhere outside Sallins. No information on the screens, driver did come on about 20 mins ago to explain, but ofcourse the PA system is not working properly so we only heard every third word that he was saying. Aircon also seems to be broken as it is like a sauna in here!

Kilkea 09-04-2010 18:45

Driver just announced that the broken train has been fixed but that it will take it another 20 mins to get to Newbridge?? That does not sound like "fixed" to me!! He said at least another 20 minute delay. 1 hour 10 mins since we left Heuston, not even at Sallins!

StephenM 09-04-2010 18:45

Westport is back moving again too at a snail's pace.

Edit: spoke too soon, train stopped again for the past 10 minutes.

Edit2: Just had another announcement that there is still a block and they have no idea when it will be cleared.

Kilkea 09-04-2010 19:06

Got word from the 17.35 Carlow train that they have passed the train and are gone past Newbridge.
The broken train is a good bit outside Sallins and they are making the trains switch over to the inbound track to get by Have not seen a single inbound train to Dublin since we left. Have they been blocked at Kildare?

Thomas Ralph 09-04-2010 19:09


Originally Posted by Press Office

Heuston delays by Press Office

Trains from Heuston: 60 mins late approx due to mechanical fault on train at Sallins

Remember anyone more than an hour late getting to their final rail destination is entitled to a 50% refund of their single fare in vouchers.

Mark Gleeson 09-04-2010 19:10

Its single line probably Sallins to Newbridge I'm not sure if that can be done by the signaling system so thats adding more delay

There isn't much inbound at this time of day mostly commuter services coming back to Dublin

IE are saying precious little

Kilkea 09-04-2010 19:12


Originally Posted by Thomas Ralph (Post 55140)
Remember anyone more than an hour late getting to their final rail destination is entitled to a 50% refund of their single fare in vouchers.

What is the story with annual tickets, how do we claim?

Moving now, very slow though

RadarControl 09-04-2010 19:17

We just left Sallins.

StephenM 09-04-2010 19:20

Westport just passed through Sallins. First Dublin bound train is one of the Cork services.

Edit: A second Cork service was just behind it. No trains in between for an hour?

Kilkea 09-04-2010 19:26

Waterford just through Sallins too

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