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Mark Gleeson
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Arrow Frequently Asked Customer Service Issues - Dublin Region

This thread hopefully will quickly answer many of the frequently asked questions we get and what Platform 11 is doing about them, many issues are already in hand, many we need you to tell us, remember the more we know the more power we have to force a solution
  • Maynooth Line Displays
  • Greystones Station
  • Why is it so packed between Connolly and Pearse in the morning
  • On train announcements, electronic maps and displays
  • Ticketing
  • How to complain

Maynooth Line Displays
When the Maynooth line was rebuilt all platforms where fitted with a passenger information display identical to those on the DART line and the Northern line. These displays have never worked and as such have been subject to many complaints.

In plain english the signalling equipment on the Maynooth line cannot interoperate with the display panels as it is controlled manually from Maynooth and not from the main computer centre in Connolly station. This was meant to be a temporary arrangement until the re-signalling of the Maynooth Sligo section was completed. This was delayed due to a multitude of factors but was finally completed in November 2005. Having spoken to senior signalling staff in Iarnrod Eireann our hypothesis was proven correct and these displays should have become active in early 2006, however it has since transpired that the signalling control room in Connolly isn't large enough and it will be 2009 before this issue is resolved

Greystones Station
The situation in Greystones is quite similar to the Maynooth line. When the DART line was extended southwards the Victorian era manual signalling cabin in Greystones was replaced with a state of the art electronic system as required to support the vital safety equipment used by DART type trains. However no date has been provided for the re-signalling of the Greystones Rosslare section so the displays will remain off until then. Preliminary work is ongoing however it will suffer from the same problem as the Maynooth line.

Why is it so packed between Connolly and Pearse in the morning
The section between Pearse and Connolly is the busiest section in the country carrying close to 25,000 per hour at peak time and is the the critical pinch point in the entire suburban rail system.

The 2006 timetable added two much needed extra services into Connolly station during the morning rush hour. These services, 7:45 ex Maynooth and 7:27 ex Drogheda both arrive into Connolly at 8:28 and as a result the 8:32 DART service from platform 5 is under severe pressure. This has not been helped by the fact the earlier 8:24 service to Bray is frequently only 6 coaches long.

There is very little anyone can do here but to ensure 8 coach DARTs are deployed appropriately. Walking time from Connolly to Pearse via the IFSC and new Docklands bridge is 10-15 minutes, the journey by train excluding waiting time is 5-6 minutes. The only solution is the provision of the interconnector tunnel between Spencer Dock and Heuston which will provide a totally integrated high capacity suburban rail system for Dublin, http://www.railusers.ie/campaigns/extendthedart/

On train announcements, electronic maps and displays
This is an ongoing issue with Iarnród Éireann and to a lesser extent Luas. The displays and announcements fail to work for a very long list of reasons. Matters have improved in recent weeks but are still far from ideal
Please report your experience http://www.railusers.ie/forum/showthread.php?t=54

The trains used on the Kildare route are fitted to make automatic announcements and have electronic displays inside and front, rear and sides but Iarnrod Eireann haven't bothered to record the Kildare stations audio clips or to program the train computer with the timetable. This matter was raised with Iarnrod Eireann 3 weeks before these trains entered service on the Kildare line but still.....

Correspondance is ongoing with senior staff in IE and matters are slowly being resolved. Kildare, Port Laois, Sligo and Rosslare are now programmed. We have supplied details of specific issues and bugs to ensure IE are made firmly aware of the issues that need solving.

Many commuters complain that ticket options don't reflect there needs, that they need to by 2 or more ticket to complete there journey. In many cases this is true, but in many many others better options exist. There are 3 and 7 day tickets, monthly tickets, bus and rail, rail and luas. Its in your interest to take a few minutes and to work out which options suits you best

The key issue here is the failure of Iarnród Éireann to provide the information, In many cases staff will steadfastly refuse to issue certain types of tickets claiming they don't exist or provide incorrect information on the options available. Imagine you are in Hazelhatch and want to go to Bray, it only takes one ticket, Cobh to Belfast one ticket. There exists a vast array of ticketing options.

There is a well known issue where it is not possible to purchase a ticket from vending machine at a Heuston side station (Kildare, Newbridge etc) to a Connolly side destination, or Dublin City Centre. This issue we are told will be dealt with shortly

Even if you can't avail of the tax relief scheme the annual ticket offers significant savings for many plus the freedom to travel without restriction in the Dublin suburban area. The combined bus and rail ticket offers fantastic value and is valid on the 746/747/748 services to Dublin Airport as well as nitelink services

We could have integrated ticketing to support over 58 million journeys per year with ZERO capital investment. All the hardware is in place whats holding it up is the attitude of the companies involved in particular the RPA. Read more at http://www.railusers.ie/campaigns/integrated_ticketing/

How to complain
The key here is to be clear, to be specific about the dates, times, places and the train/tram you where on (or failed to show up)

If you are delayed by more than an hour your are entitled to refund, visit here http://www.railusers.ie/passenger_info/refunds.php

Post your experience here, the more we know the more of stick we have to beat IE, Connex, the RPA and the DoT with. Alternatively fill in that form here http://www.railusers.ie/passenger_issues/report.php

There are customer charters, read up, know what you are entitled to,
Iarnród É*reann http://www.iarnrodeireann.ie/home/customer_charter.asp
Luas/Connex http://www.luas.ie/document/index.asp?head=11#75

You can write to Iarnrod Eireann at


In our experience only the most serious complaints will receive responses. You are entitled to a response as a basic courtesy

Or to Veoila Ireland the Luas operators at

Veoila Transport
Luas Depot
Red Cow Roundabout
Dublin 22

1800 300 604

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