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Alan French
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Thanks for the comments. I'm not advocating that trains should stop at Mosney at times when they are already full. Obviously, market research would have to be done first - my objection is when people assume the answer is negative before any research begins. A lot would depend on the spread of travel needs through the day. The case will be strongest if there are certain times when a lot of people want to travel: then selected trains would stop there and others would not be affected.

It's not quite true that Mosney was only a destination. In the days of Butlin's, in the summer season most stopping trains and some semi-fast trains stopped there all day, 6 days a week, and on Sundays when a suburban service operated. People staying at the camp made trips out from the station, and they must have been able to buy tickets.

For some time after trains ceased to call there, trains terminating at Balbriggan used to continue to Mosney and wait at the platform before returning. Does anyone know if this still happens? If so, there is no excuse for not carrying passengers.

I'm not saying Mosney is a high priority; on this line probably Dunleer is more important. I just feel the issue should be kept alive because closures have a way of being sneaked in, and then made permanent by the shear inertia of organisations.
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