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Andrew Roche from Irish Rail (Cork) was at Midleton station this morning. He was telling my mother that she could have bought her ticket from Midleton to Limerick online. Just checked there, it still says 0 when you click on "Check price".

I got the 06:45 to work this morning. about 20 passengers in total into Cork. About 12 boarded at Midleton, 1 at Carrigtwohill the rest at Glounthaune & Little Island.

TVM on platform 2 was operating this morning. TVM on platform 1 has something like a screensaver on it?

The PIS was telling everyone "The next train on platform 1 is the 06:38 to Midleton", displaying: 06:45 Midleton CallingAt: Littleisland, Glounthane ,, Carrigtwohill" <-exactly as I wrote it.

Train 2 was the 06:45 to Cork, but no mention of it.

Are these programmed @ Midleton station or from Mallow?

The "next train on platform 1 is the 06:38 to Midleton" arrived at platform 2!

The feeder bus (number 5) connects beautifully from the Cobh/Mallow/Dublin trains. During the day, there is a xx:20 departure which connects from the Midleton train. In the morning, there are 07:10, 07:40, 08:10 departures of the bus from Kent. Not great for Midleton customers, when the Midleton train arrives in at 07:08, 07:38 & 08:08! For the past few mornings my train has arrived in at 07:10 = bus gone. Next bus is at 07:30.

I am writing to BE Cork to see if anything can be done about this as I cannot imagine there are many passengers on the services I mentioned above (07:10, 07:40, 08:10) from Kent to City Center / Patrick's Street. It would be better to defer them by at least 5 mins for the possibility of passengers, especially when the colleges start!

Another thing that I will include in the letter is the question as to whether the Monthly City Bus/Suburban Bus/Cobh Rail will also include the Midleton line. The TVM at Midleton includes the weeky tickets for Cork City Buses, Cork City/Suburban Bus & the City Bus/Suburban Bus/Cobh Rail.

FYI: 6.50 return from Midleton to Cobh.
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