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Originally Posted by Mark Hennessy View Post
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We issued a press release on this issue yesterday.

All of the costs of building this railway, track, signaling, stations and car parks have already been for out of the capital budget - i.e your taxes.

Yet, CIE Property are free to charge these rip off car parking fees.
Furthermore, like in Dublin, there are no feedber buses to get people directly from their estates to the station to offer an alternative to parking at the station.I would encourage you get in touch with your local politicians on this issue.

We also know that due to a shortage of trains, bus substitutions are likely to be used a lot.

But of course none of this matters, as Irish Rail management are accountable to no one. It's high fives and back slapping with the minister all round today.
I live in a recently built estate in Carrigtwohill with approx. 300 houses (let's say 600 adults) many of whom commute to Cork City. However the station is a good 20 minute walk away. If IR were serious about this new service a feeder bus should be provided to get as many ppl as possible to use the train without having to pay the ripoff car parking charges.

In addition, incredibly, there is NO FOOTPATH outside the Carrig station. The footpath into the village starts around 80-100 meters after you exit the station. The road here is quite narrow and the sightlines aren't great. So if you do decide to walk you are competing with cars flying in and out of the station and on winter mornings/evenings this lack of a footpath could be quite dangerous. Surely between IR and the Council they could have thrown down a length of footpath BEFORE the station opened!!
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