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No idea where the staff live but there is nobody around and the office is locked except for 10-15 minutes before a train arrival. It's actually the schedule you posted that's just not true (imagine something like that from IE).
Fair enough but I'm sure the person is somewhere else, it's not unusual for ticket office to be closed until 10-15 minutes before a train and station still be staffed.

just rang templemore and thurles. the majority still use the booking office, not the machines. I can ring around more stations if you want.

here is an example - two neighbours of mine, in their 50's, went to templemore last week to get the 6.30 train. they couldnt use the TVM because the floodlights in the carpark glared out the screen. lucky the ticket office was open, otherwise they'd be getting a nice fine at Heuston as there was nobody selling tickets on the train.
Give the station staff a weeks holiday, display clear notice for pass holders explaining they can board, TMV with cross route purchases possible and then take the stats on those who cannot purchase a ticket. Numbers should be very low if not zero.

I from time to time use the ticket office still. The Templemore problem should be raised with IE if it hasn't. Had they boarded without a ticket because of the issue it should of been easy to appeal in the event of a fine.

I'm sure there could be a case made to continue to have stations staffed for the morning peak if really needed. Chances are most small stations employee 2-3 staff (no idea) so they surly is some flexibility around moving some to trains at times and keeping some in stations at times.

Most people will chose the familiar if the option is available.
Totally agree with this.
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