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I would have the guy who dealt with me as being assertive rather than rude which is necessary. He said thank you to me after I showed my pass. I think his ID was visible but I couldn't swear to that as I wasn't paying that much attention.
I think that post sums up RPU and they should be very assertive, being kind and nice doesn't work anymore, you should hear some of the excuses they have to listen to.

the way he spoke to the 2 girls who may or may not have been using valid 'child' tickets. If they were actually entitled to use them I would be upset at his manner and the aggressive way he spoke to them was uncalled for in my opinion anyway.
as we don't know if they were allowed on child tickets I would put big money that they were not. Loads try to get away with child tickets and of course in many cases the RPU staff will get abuse before they actually get the correct answers.
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