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Originally Posted by berneyarms View Post
While the fare increase is frustrating for anyone that has to pay it, it does make sense that the fares are all correctly based on the distance travelled.
I agree we should all pay the same for the same level of service. Quick electric trains every 10 mins. But the Maynooth line isn't DART, it's a realtively slow diesel service with trains only running hourly off peak.

Also, I'm confused why the NTA is moving Dublin Bus towards a single flat fare, and doing the opposite with IE fares. It's like the bus and train parts of the NTA aren't in the same office.

Anyway a 19.1% hike is still a 19.1% hike. Combined with an off-peak service that only runs once an hour, isn't any quicker than the bus, this won't encourage people to take the train.
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