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Originally Posted by Red Alert
The DMU's are a travesty. They're good for runs like Celbridge or even Dundalk. But compared to the Mk3's they lose. They are loud (since they're a bus diesel engine and an automatic transmission) and uncomfortable. The internal styling seems to go for big curves and it looks to be honest like a public toilet on wheels.
There fine for short to medium distance commuting. The curved surfaces are following accident experience sharp edges and corners are not a good idea,

Originally Posted by Red Alert
I don't buy the scripted announcements thing (or even the automatic ones). The real human-being ones do add a personal touch. Let's keep them!
Well you are going to have to put up with the rule book says you will have automatic announcements its a requirement. IE staff can't be trusted to make a clear pa in good time. A consistent common voice is of importance to those with a disability
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