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Yep the Mk2s are gone for good off regular Sligo services as of today... except for the Friday & Sunday relief trains.

The last down service was last night's 17.00 ex Connolly which I was lucky enough to be on.... sitting across from two people lying back in their seats and discussing how the new trains are "so cramped" and how the old ones are "so much more comfortable".

Little did they know that was their last opportunity to travel to Sligo in some degree of comfort for at least two years.
That's after hundreds of millions of euro of OUR money have been pumped into the sham that is the Sligo line

Let's hope Mitsui get their act together, the regional DMUs arrive well ahead of schedule, and Fearn, in a moment of uncharacteristic insight, allocates them to where they're most badly needed

As for the Mk2s being life expired - I still refuse to accept that they couldn't have bridged the gap until the Mitsuis arrive. Just like the early bird being cancelled "because no-one used it" even though everyone from Mullingar onwards had to stand each and every week. This suits IE and that's all that matters.

Besides what state will the 29ks be in come 2008, after two years of racing up and down to Sligo. They're already cropping up numerous failures, broken toilets, faulty doors etc are everyday occurrences.

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