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Originally Posted by lostcarpark
Sean, I seriously suspect that the 75mph speed limit on the 2900s is a myth
No offense but you're kinda biased, you love those 29Ks I could easily say the same thing about the 071-Mk2d combo.

and whether they are suppored to or not, drivers seem to regularly exceed it.
I would imagine there was some kind of safety control to prevent (or report after the fact) this happening.

Give them a clear line, and they can really fly.
Shaking like a drunken monkey on steriods.

Actually this last time the ride wasn't that awfully bad, not as bad as it usually is.

But one thing I didn't like was that on the 4 coach train there were people standing and sitting on bags in the "general carriage area" a.k.a. "the floor" Hadn't seen that in years.

But I had taken Mk2ds up that day, and they too were in very fine form. A total joy to use as ever. Hard to believe these are possibly only days away from being pulled from mainline service.

I just have to stop taking the Sligo train becuase every time I do, I just end up getting more confused each time
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