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I would also have to complement the non-irish staff on IE in recent months. I have had fantastically helpful service from several ticket checkers, catering staff etc all of whom have been non irish nationals.

It's clear that there's "don't care" culture within IE's older staff.

There are some Irish staff on board who are quite helpful and nice too though. It's just a minority of them that give the rest of them a very bad name.

There are several catering staff who look like they've never heard of a comb, a shower and have zero ability to tuck their shirt into their pants. Calling customers "mate" etc.. just sounds crumby. I'm not suggesting that they call you "sir" or anything. But you'd sort of expect the same level of customer care as you get in your average O'Brien's sandwich bar or whatever.

I get the feeling sometimes that the train's being run by 1970s school kids who simply failed to grow up.

Also, I think IE should look at a uniform change. The current outfit has a bit of a "school uniform" from the local CBS look about it.

Something a bit smarter and more modern might help improve morale.

Also, perhaps something a bit more practical for those crew members who are clearly incapable of tucking in shirts, tieing ties etc etc.

IE should look at issuing scripts for PA Announcements too. These adhoc announcements arn't really acceptable. Particularly those relating to safety issues e.g. the doors.

I would suggest that they even could install a simple announcement device that would only play "DOORS ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE, PLEASE STAND CLEAR OF DOORS... DOORS ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE ... STAND CLEAR! and perhaps play a Luas style tone. This could be triggered automatically by the door system.

Surely something like that could be implemented very cheaply and would keep safety up. All you'd need is a single message PA announcement system tied into the PA. It could be operated either automatically or by pushing an extra button when you are about to close the doors.

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