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Originally Posted by Traincustomer View Post
Not sure if your point regarding Tipperary is in jest or serious - given the fact that most of the line is upgraded to continuous welded rail
Nenagh got CWR too, and even South Wexford got a bit (and I believe some was lifted from where it was left near Campile?) Don't forget the signalling works done too, and the loop works. Lots of shekels spent to make the line look expensive.

Originally Posted by Traincustomer View Post
and that even now it offers a journey time broadly similar to the road journey (and notably faster for most sections than the Bus Éireann route 55 Expressway) it would be ridiculous if services on the Waterford-Clonmel-Limerick Jct. line cannot be accelerated.
Pointless as long as the schedule is slaved to Dublin-Cork trains and split in two, as you note below - what impetus is there for change to through services and other improvements? For me a game changer could be finding a way to get the line open on Sundays - even half the day. Too late for the GAA special season but at least there could be evening trains to grab some of the UL/LIT/WIT market.
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