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Default 0901 North from Connolly

I got one of my usual trains from Booterstown this morning expecting it to continue as normal through Connolly to Clontarf Road, but the on train display and the announcements were pretty clear that this train was going non-stop from Connolly to Howth Junction.

I got off at Connolly and noticed that the platform displays were telling me that the train served all stops to Howth and not non-stop as the on train displays said. There seemed to be a whole lot more people on the train than I would have thought were going to the stops between Howth Junction & Howth.

The next train was only a few minutes later to Malahide, so I waited and got that to be sure I would actually get to Clontarf Road on time. Incidentally, if there was supposed to be a non-stop service I guess it was to leave a path for the Enterprise, but that was still sitting noisily on the platform when my Malahide train left.

I checked the online timetable and it says the 0901 (nominally the train I was on originally) does stop at all stops to Howth.

Does anyone know if todays on train announcements were an error or whether there has been a timetable change which hasn't been reflected in the online and platform timetables ? I don't fancy finding out the hard way by taking a trip northbound to Clontarf Road via Howth Junction.

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