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Originally Posted by James Shields View Post
Pretty sure the system has no way of know you've left your P2P zone, and won't charge you. Certainly there have been times I haven't tagged off within Drogheda-Lansdowne Road and nothing has happened.

When you say validators "only has validators for a few hours", unless Sallins does something very different to other stations, the validators are available all the time, just with the doors open. You should always tag on when using a P2P ticket, otherwise your ticket won't show up on the RPU checkers. However, as far as I can tell, not tagging off incurs no penalty.

Kildare has validators operation when the station is staffed. Many evenings, it is not staffed and the validators are behind closed doors, as they are at Sallins and Newbridge. As well, one of gatse is often left open and people just walk through without tag-on. This always happens when the staff are working with a freight train.
Unlike SHZ stations, there are no non-gate validators at Sallins/Newbridge/Kildare so tagging off is not available at all times.

I'm not talking about using cash (epurse) outside the SHZ. What I'm asking is, you tag on at Pearse, go to Bray but you have a P2P to Drogheda. When you tag off at Bray, are you then charged the cash fare from the epurse? And more importantly, if you tag on at Pearse, travel to Drogheda, don't tag-off, are you charged a cash fare do does it assume since you have a P2P that it is what's used?

Perhaps adding P2P to Leap wasn't such a wise move?
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