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Originally Posted by laoisfan View Post

In the 3 weeks the 06:00 Cork-Dublin has been running late not a single staff member at Ballybrophy/Portlaoise was able to offer a reason why it was late. RPU staff were unable to offer a reason too. The RPU staff go in/out to the driver's cab a lot so you would think that the driver might know or just mention it in passing to them.

"diminish" seriously? my gripe, like other customers, is that I pay a lot of money over to Irish Rail each year and I would like a certain level of service (I can dream). Delays I can handle. Lack of information I can't handle. Inexcusable.
I'm not excusing a lack of information - that is just not good enough, and of course you are entitled to an explanation of why the train is running late. I think any delay should be explained. It is something IE are atrocious at.

And thinking about it, leaf fall would really only have impacted since the end of last week. So like you I'm kinda at a loss to explain it - you'd need to be on to them every day.

But let's be honest, including a comment such as "driver slept it out" is a bit insulting to staff. Do you really think that staff are going to turn up late for work on a regular basis? I understand (and agree with) your frustration, but I just think that comment's a bit uncalled for.

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