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Well they're really shooting themselves in the foot messing with the 8pm from Dublin, making the journey 20 minutes longer with a 30 minute wait in Mallow! I've been boycotting it since Christmas, unfortunately having to resort to the 22:05 (subsidised!) Ryanair service instead when I can't make the 18:30 service.

We had 2 direct services each way before the new Cork trains were introduced and it's no more than to be expected that that situation be restored, but with the current economic situation I fear pigs may fly before any additional Intercity services are introduced on any line.

With regards to the new trains, I must say I'm sorely disappointed with the seats, just can't seem to get comfortable on them! The Mark 3's will be greatly missed in that regard! The sockets under every table are spot-on though!

Thank god the era of locos being left running all night in Casement Station appears to be at an end. . .
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