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Points failure at Clonsilla this morning.

The 8:32am ex clonsilla to pearse departed at approx 9:15am the same time as the delayed 8:32am to maynooth. Packed train it was stuck at castleknock for a couple of minutes trying to close the doors. after constantly asking people to move back the driver announced there would be a door test. I don't think the driver knew that he said over the intercom f**cking hell as he was driving off.

got into connolly at 9.45am. to the annoucement "we'd like to passengers arriving at platform 6 for the delays caused this morning. this was due to a points failure at clonsilla". the announcements at clonsilla were good but apparently people were complaining on the train that there were no announcements at certain stations.

also noticed that there was no notice on this on the p.i.s at drumcondra or connolly, yet notices have been up to say that dart's were delayed by 10-15 minutes.
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