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Originally Posted by comcor View Post
The only saving on going to a smaller coach is in fuel, which accounts for about a third of the cost of running the service. And then they'll only save a quarter of that third.
That's a saving of 8% - that can be the difference between making a profit and not. There there are the capital costs of large -v- medium small vehicles.
Originally Posted by Thomas J Stamp View Post
However people I know in the private sector say that the reason is because BE swamp certain routes to try and destroy the privateers who get a licence for those routes as well.
This has been knocked on the head. Operators are only allowed operate to their licenced timetable. Extra services can't exceed a certain percentage.

It makes sense for the NTA to tell some of the private operators to share more stops and allow BE to withdraw services on the route. Alternatively you can order them all to share stops so that each town gets enough departures during the day.
Running long distance services through every town and village is inappropriate. All services should stop at a few main stops and then one or two operators should operate a consistent local service to the lesser stops.
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