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For the immediate future, it doesn't seem likely that Dublin Bus will experience the same competitive forces that Bus Éireann are facing. So for the moment, I'd say he has no basis. Who's to say that won't change in the longer term.

The real issue for Bus Éireann is that they can't continue to subsidise loss-making "commercial" routes with PSO funds so they basically have to cut costs or withdraw those services. They obviously can't increase fares since their dwindling traffic is going to go elsewhere. No amount of striking will change this basic equation and state aid rules prevent subsidising Expressway from PSO money.

I've been wondering for a while about how Bus Éireann can operate a lot of their routes at all. I rarely drive into Longford town without seeing a Bus Éireann bus going to or from Ballina or Sligo - both "commercial" (or so the NTA has told me). I really find it hard to see how they aren't losing a fortune on these routes. It's also hard to see how they could be justified as PSO services since both routes are very well served by the train during the day.
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