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Well the last time I rang the anti social behaviour number it went to a customer service message. Then I looked at the poster it was on and noticed that it was the same number as the general customer services number.

If something kicks off, you'd probably be best off ringing 999 as they'll have the operators best trained in dealing with somebody in a volatile situation. I honestly don't think Irish Rail are interested in the problem at all. Garda availability isn't that bad on the Sligo line. Maynooth, Mullingar, Longford, Carrick & Boyle all have garda stations that cover the train operating hours (except Boyle at weekends).

The mail I got back from my complaint basically blamed the government for cutting back the funding and making it impossible to man all trains. The dropping of the ticket inspector on intercity trains is such an idiotic thing to do as you can guarantee that about 10% of all passengers don't have a ticket for their entire journey. Bring back the ticket inspector on all trains or at least having a guy randomly on every second train would more than pay for itself.

There were several people on that train on Monday night who will probably never take the train again.
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