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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
The Midleton TVM is on the list of TVM problems

To be honest if I was in Midleton I would buy a ticket to Dublin, I'd buy online for the Cork Dublin section.

And yes someday in the very near future you will be able to collect a reservation in Midleton
What about those who don't have online access? A proper ATVM or, better still, a manned booking office would be a better option. Wait until the vandalism, cider parties and muggings start. I would love to know how much cheaper it is for IE to employ a security firm to open and close the stations every day than to staff the stations? While they are at it why don' they sub out the train crew jobs to some Eastern European outfit and get out of rail operations completely?

Incidentally, the sad train spotters who you continually seek to belittle are fare paying passengers too and their colleagues in the RSPI etc do a better promotional job for the railways than CIE/IE, or for that matter Rail Users Ireland, do!
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