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Originally Posted by finnyus View Post
Great start to the service this morning!

The first scheduled (revenue) service on the Midleton line from Midleton was the 06:45 this morning. I left my car in Kent station yesterday before the 12:15 special yesterday. I decided to stay over night in Midleton at my parents house last night and get the 06:45 this morning. The station is only 10 minutes walk from my parents house.

Arrived 15 minutes early to find that the whole Midleton station was locked: locked gates to the car park and locked gates to the station.

6 cars (8 potential passengers) turned away as they could not park.

Another man turned up as well (just as the 06:15 from Cork arrived). He had walked from the north side of the station as that side was locked as well.

I rang Kent station (via 11811), no answer.

At 06:40, I said "fup this" and said to the man, look I need to be on that train to get to work, so we decided to run for it towards Mill Road level crossing. I knew that there was no train until that departure and I was wearing the biggest day-glow coat, so I walked up the side of the track from the level crossing (less that 100m). I said it to the driver and he phoned Kent (or Glounthaune).

Another passenger appeared on the scene then, he was just after jumping the tall fence surrounding the station, I honestly don't know how he didn't fall!

Ticket machines were not turned on, so we just boarded the train.

Madness!!! On the very first day of revenue traffic on the line! Loss of 8 potential passengers.

At Carrigtwohill, 1 passenger boarded the train.

At Glounthaune, 1 passenger boarded the train.

Was really grinds my gears after all that is that Noel Dempsey, TD made a big speech about making sure that the Midleton and District people use the services! No problem, just open the station so we can use the trains!!!!!!!!!!

As I stated here ad nauseum, this is classic IE.

75m to get the whole shebang up and running, a huge spread laid on for the minister and press and bang, on day 2, they can't even open up the station.

Who's responsible?

No one of course, this is shocking what you have described, I would be writing a letter to the Cork area manager, the CEO and lob in one to the Examiner too, there's absolutely no excuse for this crap.
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