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Things where pretty mad in Midleton. But everyone was having a great time, free BBQ, live music and marquee with more 'refined' food

First train out was the one for the politicians which left Cork at 12:15 and departed Midleton heavily loaded at about 13:00.

The first official train left Cork at 13:20, 5 minutes late and got caught at the level crossing outside Kent station for another 5, arrived Midleton 13:46. 2 coach train no one left behind in Cork

The 13:45 didn't leave to 14:00 with a healthy load. The 14:15 was a 4 coach set, arrived more or less on time and departed full from Midleton at about 14:50. An extra unscheduled train left Cork at 14:45 and retuned from Midleton at 15:15

The 15:15 from Cork was running about 10 minutes late, which turned into a 20 minute delay on return to Cork.

The signalling between Cork and Glounthaune means there must be at least 10 minutes between trains which means serious delays grow quickly

Crowd control was non existent at 2pm but by 2:30pm things where under control with effective management of the disembarkation and embarkation process.

And yes they had Midleton displayed correctly as destination on the trains and even a Cork suburban rail map inside!
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