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Default What to do in case of an accident

As we have had one derailment already and given the odd weather we have been getting this is what to do if something happens on a line and you spot it


Seconds count please read the safety guide

If you do see a landslide or an embankment collapse, or anything else which looks likely to result in accident don't hang around get on the phone and report it as per the safety guide instructions. Its very simple

Call 01 8555454, speak slowly and clearly

Confirm that you are connected to Irish Rail
State 'This is an emergency call'
Far side will say understood, go ahead
Give the location, signal number, level crossing number, bridge number, station etc some reference which is clear and cannot be misunderstood
What has happened, eg landslide, cattle on line
Give your name, contact details in case further information is needed

Every route apart from the Nenagh branch and the Limerick Junc - Rosslare line have full radio coverage and automated signaling, once they know in less than a minute any train at risk will be in the process of slowing down, seconds do count
We are the passengers

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