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I have to agree with you weehamster, we irish have a real haphazard way of organising things. the slight enhancements to the DART network at Malahide and Greystones have not helped much to make a proper Dublin Rail network

I was in holland over the last couple of days and took an intercity service from tiel to amsterdam (change at utrecht central). My first time ever taking a double-decker electric train and the speed of the service, the organisation (ie platform displays etc) and other things making it an enjoyable experience coupled with the success of park and ride and the large number of peak hour passengers travelling out of amsterdam. The trains were either single decker or carriages were decoupled like wales at off-peak times meaining resources weren't wasted. Most if not all of their rail network is electrified.

I have some great experiences of the DART over the years, the problem is that as their prime resource they have treated it shabby. Catering for the commuter passengers while failing to update the DART system to reflect this. Many people I have spoke to have always complemented the DART system but find that its getting more and more trimmed to the result that it is becoming noticable by the passengers how infrequent at times it is becoming.

Lets hope the clockface timetable (if ever introduced) will fix this!

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