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Angry [28.03.08] Unscheduled stops on 17:13 Pearse Drogheda Train this week

Here are the listed stops for this Train:

Station Arr. Dep. Train Destination Service
Dublin Pearse 1713 Dundalk Railcar
Tara Street 1715 1716
Dublin Connolly 1719 1721
Skerries 1745 1745
Balbriggan 1750 1751
Gormanston 1755 1755
Laytown 1800 1800
Drogheda 1807 1808
Dundalk 1832

My Gripe is that this week, on the 25th and 28th of March, the train made unscheduled stops in Donabate and Rush & Lusk.

On the 25th the driver made announcements over the radio to say 'Next Stop Donabate', however the automated announcements on the train were just calling out the timetabled stops.

On the 28th, there were no manual announcements from the driver, the train just slowed down and people opened the doors and got off.

There were no announcements made in Pearse to say the service was making additional stops. Today, the 28th, the train didn't get to Skerries until 17:50 and Drogheda until 18:17 ,thanks to the extra stops.

I don't understand why the driver(s) did this on the two days, as the 17:28 ex Pearse train serves both Donabate and Rush & Lusk.

And also that anyone for Donabate and Rush & Lusk weren't aware that the train was serving the stops on those days.

Also what if timetabled stops start getting skipped with no prior warning?

/end rant!
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